Servicio de oficina de compras en China

Nuestra empresa le funciona como una oficina de compras en China. Nos ocupamos de todo:    consulta que nos envíe,    productos de abastecimiento,    el desarrollo de nuevos productos,    arreglo de la producción,    control de calidad,  …..

Banner pens with calendars inside

Oficina de compra en China | December 20, 2012

Pens with calendars inside are advertareing pens, which can pull the 4 color offset printed calendar out to see more details of the sponsor’s informations. Click the above image to see big pictures with details. These Promotional Writing pens with…..

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Emergency Seat Belt Cutter with Seat Belt Holder

Oficina de compra en China | November 7, 2012

Emergency Seat Belt Cutter with Seat Belt Holder can be easily attached to standard seat belt of any vehicels.  This emergency seat belt cutter with holder is much bigger size than the common compact seat belt cutter (HSSBC-1). And more…..

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Scroll Banner Stylus for touchscreen tablet device

Oficina de compra en China | November 5, 2012

We all know typing on the iPhone or iPod touch can be frustrating at times. The Touch Stylus is the perfect solution as it lets you type with precision and tap or scroll with ease. Soft-touch tip won’t scratch your…..

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Flag Stylus Simple plug-in to the earphone jack for dust-prevent

Oficina de compra en China | October 31, 2012

Flag Stylus, is the new ultimate promotional pen. For it’s both function of usability and advertising demostration yet small in size, leading the giveaways industry for the best price versus performance ratio.      Print your promotional message on both sides…..

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Custom Scroll Stylus

Oficina de compra en China | October 30, 2012

Scroll Stylus manufacture,exporter,wholesaler and supplier with stable quality, rapid delivery time and competitive prices to support your promotional business. Scroll Stylus can be very useful to travellers, new visitors to shopping mall, buildings, hotels. And you can print your promotional…..

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Banner Stylus

Oficina de compra en China | October 30, 2012

A born promotional giveaway target rapidly growing young people using capacitive touchscreen devices, such as famous iphone, ipad, android smart phone, android tablets,windows8 pad, Kindle Fire, Touch, Motorola Xoom Android, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7inch, 10.1 inch, HP TouchPad, Vizio 8-inch…..

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Mini Banner Stylus

Oficina de compra en China | October 21, 2012

Customized Mini Banner Stylus. 3 in one. Capcitive stylus + retractable scroll out banner + high quality mini ballpoint pen. Full color offset printed on bothsides up to 38MM X100MM. Free shipping to USA, West Euro, Australia. Delivery time: about 4…..

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