Buying Keeper Basic One Month


Basic China Import & Export consulting service, limited to inside office.
Monthly Bill.

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Our company work for you as a buying office in China.
We handle all:
enquiries you send to us,
products sourcing,
new products development,
production arrangement,
quality control,
export procedures & documents including From F,
shipment arrangement,
assist and accompany you to Canton Fair or other fairs in China as translator, (Speaks Chinese Mandarin, English, Spanish)
accompany assist you and your client as translator during your business trip in China, (Speaks Chinese Mandarin, English, Spanish)
arrange accommodations, book hotels during your business trip in China,
and business related things at China side.

You pay:
USD2000 per month, ( for one employee full time work volume)
plus travelling and hotel fees, (Unless you require me to visit factory in person. Or to accompany you during your business trip in China. otherwise no this cost. e.g. inspect products in factory / warehouse)
and other business related cost. (Unless required by you or your company, otherwise no this cost. e.g. shipping costs, export custom cost, port warehouse cost, container load cost)

In short words, the price include all the costs inside office, including telephone, electricity, office equipment; Any cost outside the office is not included, including but not limited to traffic cost, hotel during business trip required by you or your company.

As China is a big country. travelling and hotel costs are based on factories locatioins. For example, buying ball pens via us, for factories within ZheJiang provice, go by car/bus/train, USD100 to USD200 per trip for travelling and hotel fees are enough. For tables and glasswares, which is several provinces away from Ningbo, go by air, so travelling and hotel cost will be about USD450 per trip.

Additional information

Service Time

One Month; Start from your payment received date to the same date of next calendar month. Order multiple to buy multiple months. e.g. order 3 for one season service time


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