Triple Beam Scale

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MB-2610 is a traditional triple beam mechanical balance. Features a large stainless steel weighing surface and cool white finish. The attachment weight set is included, allowing you to increase the capacity from 610g to 2610g.
The triple beam scales are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, machinery, schools and other units for substance use measure.
Model MB-2610 MB-2610B
Weighed (g) 2610 2610
Dividing the value (g) 0.1 0.1
Former ruler 10 × 0.1g 10 × 0.1g
The scale bar 500 × 100g 500 × 100g
After the ruler 100 × 10g 100 × 10g
Peel the range 0 ~ 225g
A durable, classroom proven work horse. Unlike the digital scale, a mechanical triple beam teaches mathematical reasoning skills as students must manipulate the sliding weights for a result. With the 2610g capacity this scale is also handy for home and shop use.
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